Wellness Shot: Want To Stay Healthy Longer?

Want to stay healthy for longer? Experts say lift weights! It’s recommended adults do muscle strengthening exercises such as weightlifting twice a week. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go to World Gym to let your inner Arnold Schwarzenegger out, weight training exercise can include:

‣ Carrying heavy shopping bags, I like carrying watermelons for a workout

‣ Holding young children. For real. If you have little kids you probably have good arm muscles from carrying around your kids all day!

‣ Lifting free weights

I enjoy this easy intro weight training workout. You can do these exercises anywhere, you don’t need special clothes or shoes, just a set of free weights. Dumbbells are great because you can keep them at your desk at work, even in the trunk of your car. I use a whopping 5lb set. I recommend start with lighter weights than you need, to get your muscles accustomed to the the routine first. Let me know what you think!