Here's What We Are Learning From Debbie Harry's Autobiography

Debbie Harry dropped her autobiography on Tuesday, which is filled with all the tales of sex, drugs and rock n' roll that you'd expect from a huge star. Debbie appeared on GMA to open up about her new memoir (see below).

Starting Blondie in 1974 with guitarist Chris Stein, Harry details in Face It how she unknowingly took a ride from serial killer Ted Bundy, had famed producer Phil Spector stick a gun in her boot, and snorted heroin with Stein while he was in the hospital. In a previously revealed story, Harry gave her stash of cocaine to David Bowie, who then dropped his pants and bared it all to the singer. She admits, "It was so funny, adorable and sexy." A darker incident in Harry's life saw her New York City apartment burglarized, with the thief raping her and stealing the band's guitars.