'Sesame Street' Producers trying to Recruit Bruce Springsteen

Over the years, "Sesame Street" has hosted cameos by some big names, such as Elvis Costello, Jim Carrey, Jon Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Goldblum and Adam Sandler. But there's one celeb that so far has eluded producers of the popular PBS children's show.

Executive producer Ben Lehmann says the celebrity most requested by the "Sesame Street" staffers is Bruce Springsteen. "He says he'd love to do it, but we just haven't caught that moment in time," Lehmann says. "He’s got an incredible story and music career."

While the Boss might not have a huge preschool following, Lehmann says whether stars who make cameos are popular with kids doesn't really matter. "The celebrities on ‘Sesame Street’ play a dual function," he says. "Obviously, it’s a show for preschoolers, and little kids might not know who Viola Davis is, for example — but parents do, and the parents might watch the show with their kids."

Photo Credit: Getty Images