Wellness Shot: Improve Your Relationships...Don't SAC Them

Want to improve the relationships in your life? Don’t SAC them! Berkeley therapist and relationship expert Abby Medcalf, PhD says to really connect with someone during a conversation don’t:

Make Suggestions

  • Offer Advice
  • Or Criticize 

So what should you do? Abby says ask "collaborative questions" to open the dialogue and prompt a conversation that deepens your emotional connection: 

  • Is there anything you need right now?
  • What’s one thing I could do/say to support you right now?
  • Could you tell me more about X?
  • What are you feeling right now while we talk about X?

Check out Abby’s short video on her Connection Quickies YouTube channel about how to ask better questions below. More information can be found onvabbymedcalf.com