Wellness Shot: Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

2 methods for a healthy Thanksgiving, I like them both you choose which is best for you!

Plan A: Follow These Nutrition Tips:

Have a big breakfast and lunch before you sit down to your Thanksgiving dinner otherwise you’ll show up dinner starving and you’ll be more likely to over eat and your body will have a harder time digesting the heavy meal.

Make sure you fill your plate with lots of fruit and vegetables, that keeps you from indulging in unhealthy offerings.

Drink lots of water. Keeps you from over eating plus keeps you from overdoing it on alcohol.

Plan B: Don’t Worry Be Happy

Professional strongman Anthony Diehl suggests these tips for a healthy Thanksgiving:

1. Load your plate with all your favorite foods. 2. Eat said foods. 3. Eat a piece of pumpkin pie. 4. Watch football. 5. Eat more pie. Seriously, it’s one day. Enjoy your food, friends and family, and get back after it on Friday.

That’s pretty awesome! Whichever direction you choose, please know that I am thankful for you. For real. If you’re reading this right now, your eyes are on this text that I have put up on the internet, I appreciate you taking the time to check in! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving! 

Gratefully yours, Martha

Photo Credit: Getty Images