Wellness Shot: Time To Say Goodbye To Your Holiday Tree

It’s that time of year to say good-bye to your twinkling friend, your Christmas tree. If you have a reusable one you put it back in the closet for next year. If you have a real tree, good news they’re biodegradable and can be easily recycled.

In San Francisco: Through January 15th a dedicated Christmas Tree crew is collecting the almost 500 tons of holiday trees to bring them out to Modesto where they’re made into mulch used in parks and it actually helps control weeds. Place your tree on the curb next to your bins on your scheduled collection day.If it’s taller than 6 feet, cut it in half.

In Fremont: Through January 11th, place your tree in the gutter, not sidewalk. If over 6’ cut it in half. You can also cut it up to fit in your Green Organics Cart.

In Berkeley: Cut up your tree to make sure it fits either in your regular trash cart or your compost. If you live in Berkeley don't leave your tree on the curb, it won’t get picked up.   

What about your community? Please share your Holiday Tree pick-up procedure!