Wellness Shot: A Sure Fire Way For Happiness

Does seeing things positively always come easy for you?? It didn't for me which is why I wanted to address this topic.

I follow this entrepreneur/motivational speaker Gary Vaynerchuk or GaryVee . The other day he said "focusing on the negative is the quickest way to unhappiness. Practice the ability to find positivity."

I can personally attest to this philosophy because about 15 years ago I started losing hearing in my left ear. I started to freak out about this. My brother, who has extremely limited vision, told me to start changing my perspective about my hearing. My brother told me that even though his vision is low, he feels lucky that he can still see.

Putting the “Practice Positivity” wisdom into my everyday life transformed how I handled a health crisis, plus did a make-over on my marriage and relationship to my kids! Try it! Write 3 sentences “I am lucky because…” then Tweet me @MarthaQuinn, or Facebook me @MarthaQuinnPresents and take note of how you feel after taking stock of the good in your life! Thank you @GaryVee for shouting out your Practice Positvity advice!