Wellness Shot: Keep Your Child's Heart Healthy

My niece was born with a heart defect that was caught in her teen years. At first doctors thought her heart rate was irregular because she played soccer but during an EKG the heart doctor noticed she had an irregular pattern that could be fixed. So here is some heart health information to keep your child healthy!!

The changes in the heart (build-up of fatty deposits) which ultimately cause heart attacks can start in kids and teens, even though they don’t show symptoms of heart disease. Stanford children’s health suggests when watching your kid’s day make sure it includes


·Lots of fruits and vegetables

·Limited sitting around time

If you want to make sure your child’s heart is healthy, there’s a free heart screening for kids ages 12-25 Sunday February 23 in San Mateo! Register here https://viaheartproject.org/screenings/

Registration closes at noon February 21.