Wellness Shot: Can You Give Your Dog Kale?

Is kale safe for dogs? I tend to feed my dogs kale when I'm cooking dinner and they love it but I had to find out....is it safe??

Kale is safe for dogs when shared in small portions and occasionally. It can cause some digestive upsets so best to introduce it to your dogs diet slowly and in small amounts. It is full of vitamin B, C, and K. It is a safe veggie for your dog.

Is cauliflower good for dogs?

The answer is – yes! However, Cauliflower has isothiocyanates which if consumed in excess can cause gastrointestinal problems. So, don’t overdo it, small portions a few times a week are perfectly fine!

Can I give my dog broccoli?

The answer is yes! Giving your dog broccoli is completely safe, and can even be healthy, if given in moderation. It can be served plain, cooked or raw.

Check out this great article from Barking Royalty which breaks down leafy greens for your dogs!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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