Wellness Shot: Tips For Maintaining Your Health During Shelter In Place

Does the current Shelter In Place protocol have you feeling unsettled? I love these tips for how to maintain our mental health during this coronavirus episode, shared by British physician Dr. Rangan Chatterjee.

Spend 15 minutes each day focusing on your mental health, broken up into three 5-minute sections.

5 minutes on your MIND:

1.  Write down what you’re anxious about to help get it out of your head so it doesn’t keep circling around and around. Or

2.  Go outside, 5 minutes, take your dog or your cup of coffee outside

5 minutes on your BODY:

1.  Find a way you enjoy to move around. Some yoga, or crank up the music here and dance around with your kids, that helps burn off stress and anxiety

5 minutes on your HEART:

1.  Connect with someone you care about. Facetime your mom, have your kids write old-school letters to their grandparents, call a friend. Call me! My phone # is 1-866-900-1037

Here are more tips from Dr. Chatterjee!

Photo Credit: Getty Images