Dog Delivers Meals To Quarantined Woman

With a history of heart and breathing problems, 71-year-old Colorado resident Renee Hellman hasn't left her house in more than three weeks, fearing exposure to the coronavirus could prove fatal. So when her neighbor offered to deliver groceries to her home, she was apprehensive, fearing contact with another person could be dangerous, she says. However, when the groceries arrived, Hellman says she was equally relieved and surprised to find the delivery person wasn't a person at all; it was a golden retriever. Her neighbor, Karen Eveleth, trained her dog Sundance to deliver food to Hellman.

The doggy-delivery system worked out so well, it's now become part of Sundance's daily routine, Eveleth says. In the past two weeks, he's delivered frozen food, sacks of flour and other goods to the isolated woman's home. "I make meals for her also, and Sundance brings back the empty bowls," Eveleth says.

Photo Credit: Getty Images