Baby Yoda Cereal & Monopoly Coming Soon

Could this be the cutest cereal in the world?  General Mills announced on Twitter May 4th -Star Wars Day - that a Baby Yoda cereal based on the Star Wars: The Mandalorian character is coming.

The tweet included a pic of what looks like the cereal's box, complete with Baby Yoda holding up a bowl of a Kix-like cereal with little green marshmallow's shaped like Baby Yoda's head. No word on when the cereal arrives in stores or how much it will cost.  Meanwhile, Hasbro is releasing a Baby Yoda monopoly game which will cost $19.99 and hit stores in September but pre-orders are available now! There's also and adorable Chia Pet on the way....see below!

Mandalorian's second season arrives to Disney Plus this fall.

Photo Credit: Getty Images