Wellness Shot: Meat-Free Ways To Get Your Protein

With the shortage of meat hitting the headlines, here are meat-free ways to get your protein!

  1. Serve your family GREEN PEAS: These tiny wonders pack a protein punch with 8 grams per cup. Shhhhhh blend frozen peas in fruit smoothies!
  2. Eat more BEANS: Beans like chickpeas and black beans have 8 grams per HALF cup with the extra added benefit of having fiber which animal-based foods don’t have
  3. Put out a bowl of EDAMAME: You can find these protein power houses frozen in almost any grocery store, with the pod or without, providing 5 grams of protein per ¼ cup!

Side note: The Today Show recently featured a doctor who’s prescription for keeping your body strong during the COVID-19 pandemic is eating a plant-based diet.

Photo Credit: Getty Images