On This Day In Bay History: A Stray Cat Interrupts An A's Game

On This Day In Bay History! Or...Take Me Out To The Ballgame said The Cat! It was May 7, 1990 when a game between the A’s and the New York Yankees abruptly halted when all eyes at the Oakland Coliseum turned to watch the mad dash of a CAT sprinting around the field like a regular Rickey Henderson!

She’s now known as Evie the cat, and she made such an impression on A’s manager Tony La Russa, that he immediately decided to start rescuing animals! Today, 30 years later, his Animal Rescue Foundation is still up and running and finding homes for animals in Walnut Creek! They’re doing virtual adoptions right now, there’s a few animals who are melting my heart right now!

Watch this video and check out the crowd going wild for Evie. The feeling we get in our hearts when we root for animals is a beautiful thing about us humans! Click to watch, prepare to be on the edge of your seat!

Thank you to my friend Barbara listening in the morning from Pacifica, for alerting me to this anniversary!!