Activities To Keep Your Toddler Busy At Home

Is your toddler getting bored at home?? Susie Allison, the creator of Busy Toddler, says there are a million things you can do with toddlers while at home.

Toddlers love all kinds of scooping and pouring so I found this easy activity you can do with them. Get a plastic crate and pour some rice and add some measuring cups. You can add some of their toys like cars or dinosaurs and BOOM! They'll be playing for quite some time.

Susie's Tips Include:

  1. Use household items to help toddlers learn simple skills
  2. Keep them busy with cleaning. Filling up a storage container with their toys will keep the busy with cleaning
  3. Hypnotize them with sensory bins. Simply fill a bin full of rice and throw some measuring cups in there!

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