Pleasanton Unified School District To Honor Graduates Friday

View a Unique At-Home Community Celebration: Watch the #PUSD2020 Student Graduation & Promotion Fireworks Show

On Friday, May 29 at 9 PM view the at-home community fireworks celebration honoring Pleasanton Unified School District’s Senior Class of 2020 as well as 5th and 8th grade promotions. The fireworks show will be broadcast live on Tri-Valley TV (check for your channel listings). Families are encouraged to watch the fireworks display from their own residence to follow current health and safety guidelines. The fireworks display will be 1000 feet, more than twice as high as the July 4 show, to increase the vantage point for individuals wishing to watch in the sky safely from home. Public parks, lots and fairgrounds will be closed. 

Information and Photo Credit: Pleasanton Unified School District