Joan Jett: 'It Is Up To Us To Treat Each Other Right'

Rocker Joan Jett has joined the throngs of celebrities who have weighed in on the widespread protests stemming from the death of George Floyd, complaining of the "systemic racism and inequality" that exists in the United States.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Jett wrote, "There is systemic racism and inequality in this country and until these issues are taken up seriously by elected officials, we can't have the changes we ALL know are necessary and imperative to fixing this." In the absence of governmental assistance, Jett says the responsibility of being peaceful falls upon the people it benefits most: us. "It is up to us to treat each other right, and with respect," she tweeted. "And remember, we are still in the middle of a plague. COVID-19 doesn't stop during all this. I know each of these things on their own are overwhelming. To be continued....with love."

Photo Credit: Getty Images