Ozzy Osbourne Says He's Recovering 'Slowly But Surely'

Ozzy Osbourne says he's on the road to recovery following a series of medical setbacks -- although he admits the process is a slow one.

Osbourne offered the health update in an appearance on Wednesday's episode of his wife's show "The Talk." Asked how he's feeling after his neck surgery, flu hospitalization and Parkinson's diagnosis, the 71-year-old rocker said, "It's been good, actually. I've been recovering from a surgery I had last year. So I've never been at home this long in my whole career."

He went to say being home with Sharon has given him a view of life from her perspective. "I've had a chance to see my wife's side of the fence more than me being on the road," he said. "So it's had its moments, I must confess."

Photo Credit: Getty Images