Wellness Shot: Tips For Feeling Extra Stressed

The digital health company Sharecare reports the pandemic is causing a lot of people to feel extra stressed. 

One thing Sharecare says we’re missing is oxytocin, the bonding hormone we get when we physically touch someone. Shaking hands and hugging cause our bodies to make oxytocin but what now? We can do that unless it’s somebody in your family group. A workaround? Believe it or not cuddling a pet can give us the same amount of oxytocin as hugging a friend! Consider fostering a pet or adopting a senior at dog at Muttville senior dog rescue in the city.

If you yourself are experiencing anxious feelings you can call The Disaster Distress Helpline1-800-662-HELP (4357), I’ve tried it it’s good. You can reach out to me I will understand, I feel tweaked too sometimes. We can group hug it out 1- 866-900-1037! What techniques do you use in your life to keep your mind in a positive frame of mind? Please share! Thank you!

Photo Credit: Getty Images