Here's What You Need In Your Evacuation Kit

With the fires and evacuations we’ve been seeing in the Bay Area, you may be thinking about finally putting together an emergency evacuation kit. Having been through a fire evacuation myself, in my opinion the very first thing you should do when assembling an emergency evacuation kit is MAKE A LIST of all the things you would need to take with you.

Tape that list to the inside of your closet door and/or by your front door. That way, if you stall out after you buy a few flashlights and a box of bandaids, you will have concrete guidance should you actually need to evacuate. If you’re running around at the last minute you need to know what you should be looking for. Otherwise you might find yourself searching your garage for the Joshua Tree vinyl lp you bought at Tower Records when you were in high school rather than looking for your prescriptions and important documents! In the 2018 fires when I had minutes to leave I spent way too much time sitting in my closet deliberating should I take the hoodie with the zipper or the one without when I realized yo Quinn move on! Get a grip! There’s bigger fish to fry in this evacuation scenario! A list can focus you in an emergency.

When you’re making your list, and your emergency evacuation kit, remember the 5 P categories:

  1. People and Pets 
  2. Prescriptions
  3. Papers
  4. Personal needs including electronic (laptops, phone chargers, hard drives)
  5. Priceless items (for my husband Jordan that meant a Martin acoustic guitar, for me that meant a book written by my grandmother outlining our family history. Whatever it is for you make sure it’s on the list!)

I’ve included links below to an example of a fantastic list, plus a Quick Evacuation reference sheet put together by the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services. If you do nothing else, guided by these resources, make your list! You’ll feel so proud of yourself for doing it, you might be inspired to go the distance and put together that kit. 

P.S. if you were going to grab just one vinyl lp to take with you in an evacuation, what would it be??

For the Sacramento County Office of Emergency Services Quick Evacuation reference sheet see below!!

Photo Credit: Getty Images