Bay Area Fires: 3 Ways To File For Fire Disaster Relief

As the firefighters continue getting the wildfires under containment, the recovery phase has begun to get assistance to those who have suffered losses due to the fires.

1. Local Assistance Centers are opening up for example in Sonoma, Napa, Santa Cruz and Solano County. These centers are where you can get information about local, state, and federal resources for help moving forward after the fires. I’ll put the locations on our website. Some steps you can do online now because of COVID but going in person does give you the opportunity to check in with neighbors and compare notes as to how everyone is coping.

2. If you want to apply for disaster aid from FEMA, there is an app for that. You can get it by TEXTING your type of phone let’s say APPLE. Text APPLE to 43362, you immediately get the app

3. If your income has been affected by the wildfires, you may qualify for DISASTER Unemployment Assistance to help you offset that loss of income

If your home was damaged or you lost your home this is a very overwhelming time, making the recovery tasks even more difficult. I will bring you as much information as I can, grouped together in one place to make your life a tiny bit easier. Thank you to the firefighters and first responders! You are rock stars!

Photo Credit: Getty Images