How 'Cobra Kai' Went From Obscurity To No. 1 On Netflix

Cobra Kai is the updated version of the 80’s classic Karate Kid movies and finds the other side of the story being told in one-hour increments that feature most of the original cast. 

The show started out on YouTubeRed and received critical acclaim, Emmy nominations but not a large audience. Two seasons of the show were shot but when YouTube rebranded as YouTubePremimum they decided to cancel all of their original content. 

Enter Netflix who picked up both seasons of the show and featured it on the streaming service over the weekend and it quickly shot to number one. 

Netflix has a history of turning shows into hits, they have done the same with Fox’s “Lucifer” who has hit the top 10 list several times since it debuted in 2018. Season 3 of Cobra Kai will hit Netflix in 2021. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images