Ways To Protect Yourself When Boarding A Plane Again

Are you ready to get back on an airplane? If you are, here’s how you can keep you and your family safe!. The Today Show’s Vicky Nguyen (one time Bay Area reporter here on NBCBayArea!) came up with great tips, how you can arrive at your destination as safely as possible!

1. When booking your flight choose a window seat so you’re less likely to come in contact with people walking up and down the aisle.

2. When you’re getting ready for the airport bring hand sanitizer and wipes. TSA is allowing up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer so bring a bunch of that for slathering on your hands and your kids hands and Use the sanitizing wipes to wipe down all surfaces on the plane you might touch-the tray, the screen and the seat belt buckle.

3. When you can choose a non-stop flight to reduce the amount of people you’re exposed to.

Photo Credit: Getty