Here's How To Stay Positive In 2020

With 2020 serving up fires, hurricanes, a virus causing loss of lives and livelihoods all over the world, the loss of beloved celebrities like Eddie Van Halen and Chadwick Boseman, it can be a bona fide struggle to keep ourselves in a positive frame of mind. But the truth is, even with everything going on, the only life we have to live is right now! It’s more important than ever to find the good in life. The great thing is if you develop the habit of finding the good it will make your life better. Try one or all of these techniques! Please let me know which ones work for you!

  1. At the end of the day write down at least 3 things that went well for you. They can be the littlest things you’re developing the “look-for-good” ability. (I felt comfortable in my jeans today. The air conditioning worked. I was able to breathe today)
  2. If you are naturally prone to anxiety (like me) practice the OR technique. When you find yourself imagining a disastrous scenario, say to yourself, “OR” and imagine a positive outcome instead. It’s crazy how much easier it is to go down a scary rabbit hole than a pleasant one
  3. Multiple times a day start sentences with “I’m so lucky that” sum up as many experiences as you can with “That was fun!”

You’ll be amazed at how the more you see the good, the more good you see!

There’s more strategies below. See what works for you and please let me know your tips for staying positive. 

I’m so lucky you took the time to read this blog post. That was fun!