'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Has Never Heard Of David Bowie

Proving that fame is fleeting at even the highest level, a contestant appearing on a recent "Wheel of Fortune" episode failed to solve what should have been a no-brainer puzzle -- because she'd obviously never heard of David Bowie.

The answer to the puzzle -- "Under Pressure by Queen and David Bowie" -- was almost completely spelled out when a contestant named Jacquelyn tried to win the $6,950 she'd collected in spins. With the "B" and the "W" blanked out of Bowie's last name, Jacquelyn attempted to solve the puzzle by saying, "Under Pressure by Queen and David Louie."

Although she lost the $6,950, the appearance wasn't a total bust for Jacquelyn. She went on to win $40,000 in the bonus round.

Photo Credit: Getty Images