What Is Composting & What Goes In A Compost Bin

Here is the Bay Area we are very conscious of creating a sustainable lifestyle, including having composting bins. You’d be surprised not every community has them, LA doesn’t even compost. 

But what exactly goes into those composting bins? I’m always telling my kids pizza boxes cannot be composted! They go in the trash! Aaaaan newsflash, I’m wrong!! These items CAN be composted:

Food-soiled napkins, paper towels, paper coffee cups, egg cartons and yes pizza boxes  

Also fruit and vegetable scraps, meat and bones, cheese, butter, pasta, bread, egg shells, and coffee grounds also go into your compost bin. This is a good thing because food scraps in the landfills can create methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. Better to compost food to “return their nutrients to the soil for a more sustainable future” according to OaklandRecycles.com.

Click below for a fun recycling game you can play with your kids. I played it and honestly it was entertaining!