3 Things To Know....Caltrain, S.F. Losing an Icon, Stimulus Scam



Every day at 9:40 I bring you the three things you need to know before you start your day. It's a newscast Martha Quinn Style with your well-being in mind.

#1. Caltrain is making changes to their schedule- More frequent midday service for essential workers. Adjustment to late-night service.

#2 The IRS is warning people about a fake government stimulus scam offer being used by scammers to get at your personal information. If you recieve a fishy text message, don't click on it.

#3- The Cliff House in S.F. is closing for good on December 31st. The longtime operators of the iconic Cliff House have made a dramatic announcement that the restaurant is closing "permanently" — however it seems more likely that there will be a changing of the guard with the restaurant's long-term operating contract.