SURVEY: 25% Of You Ignore Your 'Check Engine' Light

Have you ever been driving along, everything’s fine, when …your check engine light goes on!

A recent study showed 25 % of drivers just ignore it completely, 36 % go to a mechanic within a week, and another just about 30% wait up to a year to see a mechanic about it.

Kelley Blue Book says better to check it sooner than later, but it could be something simple like a loose gas cap. Auto parts stores like Auto Zone or O’Reilly’s may assess the message for free, but you can also get a home device that plugs into your car to tell you what your car’s computer thinks is wrong. It’s called an OBD 2 scanner, when I did a google search I saw Walmart sells one for $20 bucks. This is a good option for someone like me, I fall into the 25% Ignore It category!

Photo Credit: Getty