A Flock Of Seagulls Describe The Day They Wrote "I Ran"

So what was the inspiration for one of the biggest new wave hits of 80s. Well, the story goes like this:

"We'd just been to the Cavern in Liverpool and saw a band play a song called "I Ran" and thought "what a great name," although we didn't particularly like the song. And then the next day saw a picture from the 1950s of a flying saucer and two people running away from it. And because we had this sci-fi thing going on, it was like "look at that! First 'I Ran' and now that!" So even though we had the basics of the music already, we went to rehearsal that night and the picture was in my head and we started to try to formulate words about that. And when I'm playing live, that picture comes back into my mind. And of course movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the flying saucer coming out of the clouds, that contributed to lyrics, and all that comes through your mind and it makes you smile. Songwriting, I can only say it this way – I write the songs, but I don't write the songs. They come into my head, I do something, and then all of a sudden, I have a song. And I'm like "where did that come from?" I never think "I'm going to write a song." It's a weird channeling. It's like Akashic Records, you can reach mentally and pull it back down. And because I'm a songwriter that turns into a song." Check out the entire interview below

Morris Knight

Morris Knight

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