The Time The Rolling Stones And Stevie Wonder Did A Live Mashup! So Good!

Way back in 1972, on July 26th, the second of two nights at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder pulled on of the coolest and most exciting mashups ever! Mick Jagger helped Wonder, who was the opening act for their 1972 tour, to his piano and the horn section got loose. Then they launched into “Uptight” with Wonder singing the song with his own band backing him up. Then Jagger snuck up behind Wonder and clapped his hands, and eventually helped him to center stage when the song transitioned into “Satisfaction,” which Jagger took the lead on. Obviously it's not the 80's although the two continued to have hits well into the 80's, but it was so good I felt I still had to share with ya! Can you dig it?