Celebrating Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" Album - 30 Years Later

Tomorrow we kick off your Friday morning with two more chances to win free tix to see Janet Jackson in concert this Saturday night at the Chase Center in SF. Listen to Martha Quinn at 7:45am an 8:20am for your last chances to win!

In the meantime, and speaking of, it definitely keeps fans around the world debating between Rhythm Nation and Control as to which is actually their favorite. Very hard to decide as they both are landmarks albums of the 80s. But 30 years after it's initial release, "Rhythm Nation" is getting the retro-recognition it deserves. I remember seeing Janet in concert in Sacramento when this album came out - during the Rhythm Nation Tour in 1989 - it was an amazing thing to see and hear. If I remember correctly, Heavy D was the main opening act! As a body of work, Rhythm Nation is often considered in its entirety, but to celebrate the album's 30th anniversary, Billboard breaks down its individual parts, most of which are no less impressive on their own merits, ranking the album's top tracks, with the exception of its eight interludes.

These days we always see people recording concert footage with their smartphones. No big deal. However, back in the day 1990, it was a huge no-no! You could totally get thrown out! How someone got footage of her Rhythm Nation concert in Sacramento is totally beyond me! I was at this actual show - but I promise I didn't sneak a video camera in to record the show. Remember how big camcorders were back then? Still, it's pretty cool to see this footage after all this time. I still have the ticket stub to this day!

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