Brian Setzer Forced To Cancel 'Christmas Rocks!' Tour

Monday (Novvenber 11), Brian Setzer released a statement announcing the cancellation of his Christmas Rocks! Tour with the Brian Setzer Orchestra. According to press release, Setzer was diagnosed with a a severe case of tinnitus, which is a condition that causes constant noise or ringing in their ears. It's often tied to age-related hearing loss or an injury to the inner-ear hair cells. In the statement he said:

"It's heartbreaking to disappoint my fans who have shared my Christmas seasons with me for over fifteen years," Setzer said in a statement. "I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused all of the amazing people who make my tour happen and to my unbelievably loyal and devoted fans. I hate to let you down and I hope you'll understand."

The California dates affected include:

Dec. 16 -- Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater

Dec. 17 -- Stockton, CA @ Bob Hope Theatre

Dec. 20 -- Palm Desert, CA @ McCallum Theatre

Dec. 21 -- Los Angeles, CA @ Microsoft Theater