Guns N' Roses Threatens To Sue Fan Accused Of Leaking Tracks Online

The members of Guns N' Roses have decided to unleash a legal wrath on a fan who leaked unreleased material online. GN'R lawyers say the fan uploaded 97 unreleased GN'R tracks that he acquired when he bought an unpaid storage unit containing the digital recordings. The storage unit, which had gone into default, had been rented by Universal Music Group's Tom Zutaut, they say.

According to GN'R's attorneys, the fan agreed to give the songs to the band's management in exchange for $15,000 -- the amount he and some friends paid for the storage unit. Despite the arrangement, he began leaking the songs on the internet. The band then banned the fan from all future Guns N' Roses concerts. However, he claims he remained true to his word and has "no idea" who posted the songs.